Fast Paced Action

Curse of Mermos is a lighthearted hack and slash game with fast paced action and challenging combat.
Play as Abdu and uncover the truth behind one of the oldest mysteries of Ancient Egypt, the disappearance of Pharaoh Ebo.

Dynamic Combat Style

Get close to your enemies and deal devastating damage with the Hammer of Osiris or shoot the swift Crossbow of Neith from afar!
Upgrade your abilities and personalize your play style. Unlock the power of sacred glyphs to become even stronger!

Ancient Enemies Arise

Beasts of the Egyptian Gods guard the sacred artifacts deep within the ruins of Ebo's tomb.
Awaken them from their centuries old slumber, devise your own strategies to survive the increasingly difficult enemies and break the Curse of Mermos.

Free To Download And Play!

Not free to play, but completely free. Curse of Mermos has been developed as a student project and we want to give it out for free.
We highly recommend using a gamepad.
Download below from, or steam.

Download Curse of Mermos from:




All team members have been involved in all aspects of game development. This is the individual focus of everyone:

Music and sound by Declan Bell.

Developed in the U.A.E.